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Small update - Magazine & "How To" Guide

Hey everyone, This is just a teeny tiny update on a few relevant things. First off, one of my authcromes was recently featured on the cover of The Hand Magazine, Issue #28. If you're interested in purchasing a copy, check out this link: Recently, I've had a ton of people asking for information on how to make autochromes. I direct them to my blog here, but a lot of the information on here is painfully out of date, and all if it is totally disorganized. I'm currently working on a comprehensive "How To" guide for making autochromes. The page is hidden from my main site because it's still totally under construction, but I figured I may as well make it visible to the people combing for information through my blog. So here it is: The article somewhat abruptly cuts off, but it should have a lot of relevant information and pictures on making screen-plate that many will find helpful. I guess I should get off my lazy butt and finish writing it out one of these days!

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